Sunday, August 1, 2010

Find a Massage Therpist for Pain in Chehalis

How does massage for pain work?

Massage is a very effective muscle relaxing technique for controlling pain. There are number of ways massage may help in controlling pain.

Massage confuses the body's pain signals.

  1. Muscle manipulation -- Rubbing the tissue is said to interfere with pain signals' pathways to your brain, a process called the "gate control theory," according to experts.
  2. Pain impulses -- like electrical signals run toward the spinal cord and then up the cord and into the brain. It's only when they reach the brain that these impulses, are perceived as pain.

When you massage the muscles and rub the tissue, it sends other impulses along the same nerves. When all these impulses try to reach the brain through nerves, the nerves get clogged like a highway during morning rush hour.

Simple result? Most of the pain signals won't reach the brain. And if the pain signals does not reach the brain, you won't feel pain. Thus massage works by 'closing the gate' that pain impulses have to pass through.

Tissue Massage also calls up the body's natural painkillers.

Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the morphine-like substances that the body manufactures, into the brain and nervous system.

Many massage therapist are also learning Reiki. For a free Reiki ! workshop visit the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Looking for a Massage? Olympia, WA

After a stressful day there's noting more relaxing than a Reiki Massage! Energy blockages clear up almost immediately. It is simply amazing how great you can feel!

Check out the local Lewis County and Thurston County massage therapist. and many are trained also in Reiki.

Dyan says, "As a soft tissue therapist it is something that I have paid attention to because of how often people release emotions on a massage table. It is very exciting to know that massage can get rid of those toxic emotional spots and that it can really help people get healthier. I know that getting a massage a week helps keep me feeling healthy and when I back off I start to ache again. I have noticed that the massage lasts longer and longer and I feel freer and more comfortable in my body than I remember feeling and I'm almost 50."

It is important for a massage therapist to also be a Reiki practitioner because the release of negative energy is quicker and easier. You will notice the increase in energy and peacefulness.

A wonderful side effect of a Reiki massage is that the chakras are also aligned cleansed and enhanced.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Massage Treatment in Chehalis, WA

Here at the Reiki Ranch -- We have a Reiki student who is a registered massage therapist in Washington state.

She has broad hands-on-experience in releasing energy blockages, helping relax the client, removing stress, anxiety and tension. She is accomplished in Reiki Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage. Massage practitioners believe every body deserves a great customized massage, so we've made relaxation our number one priority.

Because of the economic times many people are all stressed out and maybe experiencing depression. A Reiki massage relieves stress, relaxes muscles, relieves tension headaches, and helps manage pain.

To check for an available date call 360-748-4426 at the Reiki Ranch, outside Chehalis, WA.